TI99ers Hall Of Fame

TI99HOF 2007 Annual Report

As of March 31, 2007 we have completed the third full year of operations of the TI99'rs Hall of Fame. Our Rules and Regulations require that we prepare an Annual Report, but this task had been neglected. This explains why this report is dated in late 2009.

During this year we received only two nominations for induction to the TI99HOF and approved one of these. Thierry Nouspikel was inducted this year. If you have not recently done so, please visit the TI99HOF site at www.ti99hof.org and reacquaint yourself with the many and varied accomplishments of our inductees. We now have sixteen inductees on our TI99HOF site.

Our Board of Governors includes: Jacques Groslouis, Tom Wills, Ron Reuter, Glenn Bernasek, Dan Eicher, Tim Tesch, Peter Killick, Don O'Neil, Chris Schneider and Berry Harmsen. I would like to thank each of them for their contribution.

Respectfully submitted,

Jacques Groslouis
December 13, 2009